Step by Step

Step 1 - Check For Absorption

To make sure your masonry will absorb water, try to wet it. You can     
use a hose or a spray bottle or just throw some water from a cup. If     
the water beads up and the masonry doesn't change color then it         
cannot be effectively stained by our product. If the water soaks in         

and darkens the masonry temporarily until it dries, then our stain         
will work well for you.                                                                                    

Step 2 - Buy a Proven-Masonry-Stain Kit

The Colorant Kit: is designed for the home-owner/one-time-user.
This kit will cover 150 to 200 sqft depending on the mix used and     
the work being done. All five colors can be easily reordered. 20+      
additional colors available if needed. 

The Brickman Stain Kit: is designed for contractors and multiple  
uses. This kit will cover 300 to 400 sqft depending on the mix used   
and the work being done. All ten colors can be easily reordered.        
20+ additional colors available if needed.   

Step 3 - Identify The Area That Needs To Be Stained

Step 4 - Choose A Test Area

-Test can be done on loose brick                                                       
-On a field panel                                                                                   
-Directly on the masonry wall in a hard to notice area                   

Step 5 - Developing a Recipe
The Colorant Kit: is designed for the home-owner/one-time-user.

- Choose the colors that will combine with the existing masonry      
   to create the look you want (think of color theory-green+red=       
    brown, white + black = grey, etc.)                                                         

- Always use leveled measurements to keep future batches             

 - Write detailed notes on how much materials you are using             
    to assure the same look every time                                                    

 - Start with the smallest amount of materials, you can always          
    add more but cannot take away                                                             

   - For a slight color change, use as little as ½ to 1 leveled                     
    teaspoon of color.                                                                                

  - For a major color change, start with 2 to 3 leveled                              
     teaspoons of color.                                                                                    

   - To lighten or darken, add as little as ¼ leveled teaspoon.                   

- Allow mixture to dry for a least 30 minutes before deciding if        
   adjustments are needed.                                                                      

Step 6 - Staining Brick

Applying Stain to brick that can be stained in one stroke

  1. Place brush on the left edge of the brick. While applying mild pressure, pull across the brick from the left edge to the right edge. (If left-handed pull brush right to left)
    After staining, lift brush from brick in one motion.  Use the corner of brush to stain any areas that need touched up. 3 to 4 brick can be stained before re-dipping brush into cup.  If stain gets into mortar, dab with wet cloth immediately.
    (For a King Size or Utility Size brick we recommend using a 3-Inch brush. )

  2. Repeat steps until all the brick that need colored have been colored.

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The ins and outs of Brick Staining

Brick staining or brick recoloring is a process in which a compound is bonded to a brick, stone, or block wall or surface. The compound is a mixture of our unique chemical treatment and a blend of our dyes. Ultimately, the goal of this treatment is to bring forth the natural beauty of the brick and restore the original color, or to add some new color to really make the structure stand out. This treatment works on many types of mason surfaces and looks fantastic on stone, blocks, and mortar.


Of all the masonry staining kits available on the market today, ours has proven successful through our patented formula and beautiful range of color options. Our colors work with every brick color out there and our kits can cover up to 400 square feet. Our kits are also perfect if you want to stain the mortar in between your bricks to create a stark contrast in your wall.  


These brick recoloring dyes and treatments produce drastically different results from what you’d get if you painted your brick or stone surface. While brick, stone, and mortar are tough, it’s important to treat them with care, as poor treatment can cause irreversible damage. A poorly done treatment can make your surface look awkward and unappealing.  


Our masonry staining kits can transform the walls of your home or office into a beautiful sight to behold. You’ll find that this invites others to appreciate your structure. This can be very beneficial if you’re a business owner, since nothing says classy quite like fresh, handsome brick. Our masonry staining kits are also just the thing for restoration projects. If you want to see a historic building look like new, our staining kits have you covered. When you admire your handiwork, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.