The Benefits of Staining Brick Rather than Painting

When it comes to freshening up brick, people often ask: Do I paint or stain brick?

Believe it or not, brick walls are delicate. They must be handled with care to promote longevity and continued beauty. One of the most common ways a home or property owner ruins their brick surface is painting. Staining a brick surface is the only proper way to treat it. Below, we explain brick staining vs painting.


Longevity and continued maintenance

Ideally, any building improvement project will create lasting change that requires little to no maintenance over the next few years. When it comes to brick, you might be surprised to find out that painting it isn’t a viable option. In the short term, a bucket of paint is less expensive than a dye kit, but you’ll only have to stain your brick once. If you choose to paint your brick, you’ll have to keep repainting every few years. It’s better to invest now than to pay more later when it comes to brick staining vs painting.

Breathability and damage from moisture

Though they are solid and used to build solid structures, bricks are porous. Therefore, they need to breath in order to last. Stain accomplishes this by soaking into the brick. This is drastically different than paint because paint acts almost like a sealant. This traps the bricks and doesn’t allow them to breath. As the bricks sit there with excess moisture trapped, they start to work their way towards long term water damage. More moisture can make its way in if the paint chips or flakes, which inevitably will cause more water damage.

A more beautiful brick wall or surface

The final and most immediately noticeable problem with painting bricks is the way it all looks in the end. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a good-looking painted brick wall. Bricks are naturally beautiful because of their small individual details. When you paint a wall, you get an unappealing, flat finish, because the paint soaks in the small spaces bricks have. When you stain, our dyes are designed to accentuate the natural beauty of the structure. You’ll be shocked at just how good-looking your old brick wall can become when you use our kits.


So when you ask yourself, should I paint or stain brick? Always stain.