April 2018 

Brick Staining News

by Masonry Cosmetics: "The Brick Matching Experts"

**We did not install the brick, we were an after thought on this project**
It's the extra detail, or the little things that can make something successful.

Here is a car impact/fill in on an Aldi store located in the Indianapolis, IN area that we stained last week.
The owner wanted a better match. They found and laid a brick that was the closest they could find in size, texture, and color. Then they hired us to do the rest.

Here is the process we go through when taking on a project like this:

First, we color correct the mortar.

Next, we stain the main/base color of the fill in to closely match the main/base color around it.

Last, we tone down the dark brick, so that the blend in the fill in matches the blend on the rest of the wall. Placement, or choice of which dark’s to leave is another tremendous advantage we have. We used a proprietary “Proven Masonry Stain” that will never peel, crack, blister, or flake. When we apply our product to an absorptive masonry, we give a lifetime warranty.

As you can see in the second (after) picture, we got a very close match in color correcting the fill in. We did it all in this small area. We lightened, darkened, and tinted brick. Something that would have helped us get an even better match is if the mason would have taken more time and care in installing the brick. They did not even try toothing the brick in. We are good at what we do, but can only do so much with Color.

Thanks, Don.