About Us

Here at Masonry Cosmetics Inc., we have 56 years of combined experience with bricks and the mason industry. This company was founded by Rick Conner and Don Foster. Both are still bringing their experience to customers across the country through our masonry staining products. They have a developed masonry staining process and manufacture one of the best brick staining processes available.

Masonry Cosmetics Inc. was co-founded and is currently operated by Rick Conner and Don Foster, who bring a combined 56 years of experience in the brick industry, including manufacturing, architectural, sales, and masonry staining. They have developed and manufactured a proven masonry staining process that permanently bonds with any porous masonry product, including brick, block, mortar, natural and manufactured stone. These brick stain products are not a paint or paint-like product and will never hurt a brick. The personnel of Masonry Cosmetics have color corrected masonry of all types. We’ve served a variety of customers, including manufacturers, distributors, contractors and homeowners, for almost 30 years. We’ve used our proven, proprietary system on US Postal Service buildings, military facilities, universities, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and more.


This system consists of specially formulated mineral oxide pigments. These pigments are combined with a proprietary bonding agent to create a slurry which absorbs into the surface of the masonry structure. This product does not create a layer, so it will never peel, flake or blister like paint-like stains used by other stain companies in the market today. As brick dye suppliers, we care about the brick industry and want to see it thrive.