Brick Matching 101

"Matching colors and textures is one way to make any set of structures appear to “belong together.” A house and a garage, a church and a rectory, or a set of buildings on a university campus give visual evidence of their relationship..."


Brick Matching 101


"Today, the color of any porous masonry can be permanently changed to closely match virtually any other color using proven masonry staining techniques.
For permanent repairs, contractors should avoid acrylic or paint-like products. These may peel, fade, crack, or blister in only a few years, and are difficult to remove from brick and mortar when they need to be reapplied."

Preparing Masonry For Waterproofing


"A masonry fireplace is an important feature of a home that can significantly increase its value, by providing beautiful natural stone or brick surfaces that contrast well with the drywall, plaster, wood paneling or other, more common, indoor wall surfaces. However, same factors that give masonry its rugged, natural beauty make it difficult to change when remodeling is desired."


Remodeling an Indoor Fireplace Without Replacing Masonry

Mortars Mix and Staining

"Staining is a great option that can improve customer satisfaction by resolving problems or eliminating them before they arise. It also will beautify your work by removing potential eyesores, and provide opportunities for additional revenue."

Masonry Staining: A Great Option For Masons and Contractors


"World-famous for its Golden Dome, the 137-year-old Administration Building at the University of Notre Dame serves as HQ for its president and provost. The 1879 building is a must-see destination and a popular place for picture taking. Its exterior brick  demonstrates the ingenuity of builders in the late 1800s. Since the clay was excavated from the two lakes on campus, the finished yellow bricks are known as “Notre Dame bricks.”"


The Impact of Staining on Masonry

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