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Explore our brick tinting products and brick stain kits for all of your masonry staining needs. We have a stain kit for you whether you are a professional mason or a homeowner looking to freshen up a brick wall. You’ll find each kit easy to understand, since we include everything you need in one package. Each kit offers all the chemicals you need to successfully stain your brick surface, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding them yourself. We also have a broad selection of additional colors if you want to order a unique color for your project. Our brick tinting products work on surfaces besides brick, so we encourage you to get creative with our brick staining kits if you have other mason surfaces in mind.


Contact us here with any questions about our products or the staining process. We have plenty of experience and we’re happy to help.

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Perfect for all staining projects, indoors or outdoors!